Prayer, Medicine and Healing

PRAYER, MEDICINE, AND HEALING is an invitation to pray for the sick based on evidence from the Bible, Church History, and the origins of the Modern Hospital. Tracing the history of healing from the Hebrew Bible and reviewing the healing ministry of Jesus and His disciples, Thomson K. Mathew examines church history (Church fathers, Reformers, Holiness leaders, Pentecostals, and Charismatics Oral Roberts and Paul Yonggi Cho) and the history of hospitals to affirm both medicine and prayer. He addresses skeptics, acknowledges fake healers, and presents strong evidence for all followers of Jesus to pray for the sick and expect healing. This inspiring book is for those who administer healing and the ones who seek healing and wholeness.

A Seminary Dean's Experiment with Servant Leadership

Welcome to the real-life stories and empowering lessons from the author’s life in two continents and his practice of servant leadership at a church, hospital, and later as a seminary dean at Oral Roberts University (ORU). Discover rarely found lessons on healthy ministry, servant leadership, and wholesome life, learned as a pastor, chaplain, and academic leader, and by observing thousands of students and scores of leaders around the world. Stories from India, Yale, New Haven, and Tulsa, and of personal encounters with the founder of ORU, Oral Roberts, and experiences from the former City of Faith Hospital in Tulsa that was built to offer whole person healthcare by “merging medicine and prayer” are also included. Prepare to encounter a treasure of information, insights, and inspiration.

Spirit-Led Ministry in the Twenty-First Century

This book is a comprehensive guide to competent Spirit-led ministry in the 21st century. Written for ministry students, seasoned pastors, and anyone dealing with a sense of calling, this is a one-volume handbook on Spirit-empowered ministry that expresses itself in word and deed - through preaching, teaching, healing and leadership. A pastor, chaplain and seminary professor who has trained people for ministry in multiple nations addresses the most important aspects of effective Christian ministry in these pages. Read this book to encounter biblically sound and theologically balanced information and transformational instruction. Understand how to discern, discover or reaffirm a call to ministry, seek the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, and develop excellence in contemporary ministry.

Spiritual Identity and Spirit-Empowered Life

If you want to embark on a Spirit-led life of purpose, this biblically sound yet easy-to-read new work by a respected voice in global Christianity should hold pride of place on your bookshelf. Motivational and practical, this book will resonate with a variety of faith communities and spiritual backgrounds.

Thomson K. Mathew’s unique model of spiritual identity contains three dimensions, each comprising five components. A combination of real-life stories and biblical support ensures comprehension of each aspect of spiritual identity, and reflection questions make this book perfect for either individual or small group study over the course of three to four months. Get ready to discover your identity, find your purpose, and exercise the power of the Holy Spirit!

International speaker and author Thomson K. Mathew is the professor of pastoral care at Oral Roberts University. Among other books and articles, his publications include Spirit-Led Ministry in the 21st Century and Ministry between Miracles. 

Spiritual Identity and Spirit-Empowered Life Leader's Guide

This guide will prepare you to teach the transformational content of the book Spiritual Identity and Spirit-Empowered Life in a class or lead and facilitate learning in a small group in a church, parachurch organization, market place, or institution of higher learning. This volume will provide for each lesson the following important elements:
1) specific lesson goals, 2) icebreaker ideas, 3) main points of the lesson, 4) discussion questions, and 5) recommended prayer focus.
Including the introductory session, this “course” contains 16 sessions. In some situations, you may offer shorter “courses” with selected chapters/sessions.
A class or group that processes these vital lessons can expect to experience transformation at the individual and community levels. You and your group can look forward to an exciting spiritual journey and a time of joyful celebration.

Ministry Between Miracles

Are you confident in the care you give to people who are hurting? This book by an experienced pastor, hospital chaplain and seminary professor will help you:


  • Develop your caring skills
  • Bring healing to people in pain
  • Enhance your God-given gifts for caregiving
  • Experience new success in helping people become whole.


In Ministry Between Miracles, Spirit-filled pastors, counselors, and lay caregivers will find fresh perspectives on:


  • Biblical concepts of caring and pastoral care
  • Spiritual diagnosis of people in pain and suffering
  • Avoiding dangerous mistakes


This book will help you to practice Spirit-led caregiving with excellent skills and maximum integrity. 


What Will Your Tombstone Say?

   What does a healthy church look like? What are the qualities of a good Christian leader? Can you sustain church growth through pastoral care? How does one minister to people in pain? Does God use our weaknesses? How can one maintain a healthy family and a sound mind? And in the end, what will your tombstone say? These are some of the questions Thomson K. Mathew addresses in this volume. Written in plain language, this professor of pastoral care offers practical wisdom on a multitude of issues related to the church, ministry, healing, and Christian life. These issues are addressed from a biblical worldview and a global perspective. This collection of articles and essays by a pastor,chaplain, and dean of theology is sure to inform, challenge, and inspire the reader.

Ministry Research Simplified

Assuming that the reader has little or no background in research and statistics, this volume presents important research concepts and methods in everyday language, illustrated by examples from the field of ministry. Major concepts from research methods used in education, nursing, and sociology are simplified for theological students and ministry researchers whose professional curriculum normally does not include research methods. The fact that the author has produced doctoral dissertations in ministry and education strengthens the book and makes it an important guide for Doctor of Ministry candidates pursuing quantitative research.

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