Speaking at a Church in Singapore

Faroe Islands

Speaking at a Church in the Faroe Islands


Speaking to a crowd in India


Dr. Mathew has presented specially-developed seminars to train church members for ministry and

leadership in several nations. The essentials of several seminary courses are presented in a motivational

and practical way for local church members. Local pastors select appropriate topics based on the needs

of their congregations. Following is a partial list of seminars he has presented.

  • Church Growth through Caring
  • Ministry between Miracles
  • Spiritual Identity and Spirit-Empowered Life
  • Membership to Discipleship
  • Kingdom Lifestyle in the 21st Century
  • Seminar on the Holy Spirit
  • Healing Ministry in the Local Church
  • Christian Family in the 21st Century
  • Making Every Believer a Minister
  • Cell Group Leader Training
  • Sunday School Teacher Training
  • Christian School Teacher Training

He has also presented special workshops and retreats for pastors’ groups. Some of the themes include:

  • Ministry in the 21st Century
  • Pastoral Care and Spiritual Formation
  • Preaching, Teaching and Healing
  • Calling, Empowerment and Excellence in Ministry
  • Chaplaincy as Incarnational Ministry
  • Chaplaincy as Ministry Between Miracles
  • Identity, Purpose, and Power in Ministry

Thomson Mathew speaking at the Military Chaplains' Seminar in Dallas 2017